Tara Brasier - Program Director

Tara is an educator with over 21 years experience, including teaching formal education at George Brown College as a communications professor, and, MindBody*Life*Education teacher with various organizations and private clients.

Tara's journey with mindfulness intersected with cannabis several years ago when her Brother's dire medical condition prompted her to devour all the knowledge she could on the healing properties of cannabis. What she learned proved doubly valuable. She began to apply her yoga and mindfulness training towards herself as she purposefully found a new level of enjoyment in life by subduing her fibromyalgia, IBS and anxiety - all with the help of plant medicines and mindfulness practices.

Tara's approach to teaching is to integrate mindfulness, go slowly, and allow the time necessary for maximum benefits to be gained from the practice. This is the same approach that Tara envisioned for Plant Alchemy - through mindfulness, and cannabis, what you learn about yourself can be profoundly rewarding.

Tom Scherbluk - Business Development

Tom is an engineer and a marketing consultant, who has always embraced the full spectrum of creativity and fact-based thinking. As a mindfulness practitioner for over 8 years, Tom Co-founded Plant Alchemy with Tara Brasier because of his desire to help people revel in the oasis of their own authenticity.

Tom learned the art of cannabis cultivation several years ago with an MMAR licence, learning under the mentorship of other experienced medical growers. Years of experimentation with the effects of various cannabis strains, including cross-breeding plants to tailor strain profiles, helped him thoroughly understand how cannabis can be customized for patients' optimal medical outcomes.

With cannabis becoming recreationally available in Canada and more areas worldwide, Tom wanted to take his journey with the practical, factual and creative aspects of cannabis and co-create a program that will help people use plant medicine to find the balance between the always-on nature of today's society, and their own Body, Mind & Spirit.

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